When will international flights resume?

The self-isolation regime has ended, in connection with which the economy and online freight broker classes are also beginning to gradually increase momentum. Increasingly, there is a need for the fastest possible delivery of goods, where air transportation is the most appropriate method of delivery of goods.

However, despite the willingness of customers to pay for not the most budgetary method of transportation, it is not always possible to deliver the goods as quickly as the client wants, in the current realities.

If cargo air traffic between major airports, which are usually located in capitals, is restored, then this cannot be said for sure about passenger air traffic. As you know, often cargo is sent on passenger boards, especially in conditions of high demand and lack of space on cargo boards. At the moment, a number of airlines have repeatedly announced the resumption of flights from June 1, from June 15, from July 1, but so far this has not happened.

The decision to resume regular flights on passenger aircraft is being postponed, as the epidemiological situation in the world remains tense. The internal decision of the authorities of the Russian Federation should be mediated by the readiness of foreign states to accept passengers from Russia.
The working scheme for sending goods from Russia and to Russia remains the use of charter flights. Let’s deal with this situation in more detail. As a rule, charter flights appear in the booking system 7-10 days before departure. Schematically, this happens as follows: it is planned to place the cargo of one or two senders in most of the aircraft. The remaining part of the space is set up to reserve a place for the cargo of other senders. Most often, it is possible to send cargo on charter flights of Aeroflot, Airbridge Cargo, Utair, China Southern companies. If the main (key) shippers on this charter refuse transportation, then there is a high probability of canceling or postponing the departure to a later date, which is also, of course, a risk factor in the timing of cargo delivery.

For our part, we look forward to the speedy restoration of regular departures of passenger aircraft and the expansion of the cargo flight program, as this will inevitably lead to a reduction in transportation tariffs.

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