Truck Dispatch for Freight and Cargo for Trucking Companies

Dispatching and logistics services are an essential component of the modern economy. They ensure that goods and services are transported efficiently and effectively, allowing businesses to reach new markets and customers. Dispatching and logistics services involve the coordination of various tasks, including transportation planning, scheduling, tracking, and monitoring. The dispatching process involves assigning tasks to […]

When will international flights resume?

The self-isolation regime has ended, in connection with which the economy and online freight broker classes are also beginning to gradually increase momentum. Increasingly, there is a need for the fastest possible delivery of goods, where air transportation is the most appropriate method of delivery of goods. However, despite the willingness of customers to pay […]

How is childbirth on board an aircraft?

Of course, the birth of a child in flight, right on board the aircraft, is always an extreme situation, both for the mother herself, and for the crew and everyone around. All modern flight attendants are trained to attend births in extreme conditions, but it is worth remembering that they are not doctors and will […]

Don’t take risks – insure!

Air transport is the safest way to transport cargo. But, nevertheless, practice shows that even here it is worth managing risk and protecting yourself from accidental losses. When sending cargo by air, you may encounter such unpleasant situations as damage to the container and the cargo itself during loading and unloading operations at airports of […]

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