In the United States began to build a network for trolleybus trucks

Scania and Siemens have announced the launch of the world’s first two-kilometre trolleybus track in Sweden. Now exactly the same road has begun to be built in the United States, writes and logistics training.

The construction of an electrified line for trucks in Los Angeles, California, was by no means accidental, since thousands of trucks pass through this port area every day. The new line will significantly improve the environment in the area.

A feature of the new road is the ability to automatically connect the truck to the wires, as well as the exit from the line. In order for the truck to move simultaneously with the help of a contact network and without it, it is equipped with a hybrid power plant consisting of an electric motor and a biofuel engine. This allows you to save energy and not pollute the atmosphere in the presence of wires and freely maneuver when necessary to overtake other vehicles or leave the electrified road.

The new road is going to be tested in Los Angeles and the nearby port city of Long Beach.

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