Don’t take risks – insure!

Air transport is the safest way to transport cargo. But, nevertheless, practice shows that even here it is worth managing risk and protecting yourself from accidental losses. When sending cargo by air, you may encounter such unpleasant situations as damage to the container and the cargo itself during loading and unloading operations at airports of departure and arrival, shortages when sending non-palletized cargo in the form of a large number of boxes, and partial theft of goods from the cargo space is also possible. The latter happens quite often when sending expensive and popular goods, such as branded items, clothing, appliances, and various types of accessories. But it is the most valuable cargo that is sent by air. In addition to protecting your cargo, insurance has a beneficial effect on those involved in the transportation of cargo, forcing them to be more attentive and serious about their work.

The general insurance policy, which is an agreement with an insurance company, is issued during air transportation, as a rule, “with responsibility for all risks”, which lists situations in which compensation is not made, for other situations, compensation is made by default. This policy can also include compensation for the cost of transportation and up to 10% of lost profits. Insurance can be with a deductible, a predetermined minimum part of the loss that is not reimbursed upon the occurrence of an insured event, as well as without a deductible, when any minimum loss is accepted for consideration and compensation, subject to all the recommendations of the insurance company after its discovery. With a franchise, the cost of issuing a policy will of course be cheaper.

And in conclusion, I will note the main recommendations of insurance companies when an insured event occurs. In case of damage or shortage of cargo, it is required to notify the insurer, make a note on the air waybill, draw up an act of acceptance of cargo with the participation of representatives of the carrier, the terminal employee and the consignee, take pictures of visible damage, in case of theft of cargo, apply to the internal affairs body with a statement and obtain a coupon notice, send a claim to the carrier/forwarder.

I recommend using the services of an insurance company that has been cooperating with your agent for a long time, has been comprehensively studied and receives a daily volume of insurance applications from him, which definitely entails a high probability of a positive decision on payment in an insured event.

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